Genetic Testing with My Happy Genes

What to do With My Genetic Results

Genetic Testing with My Happy GenesAncestry, 23andme, and MyHeritage are just some of the companies that offer genetic test and results to give you insight into who you are and where you come from.

These tests are simple for patients to do and the results can be put into various available templates (or websites) to reveal various genetic variants in our genes.  The knowledge about these variants is growing by the day. New studies are revealing more information about how these variants may cause disease processes in the body.  Our genes have largely helped us survive as a species by trying different variations and seeing how well we do. If a gene gives us an advantage in the current world situation, it will be perpetuated in our genetic makeup in the subsequent generations.  If it does not, it will go extinct quickly if it makes us unable to survive long enough to at least reproduce. 

Certain genetic variants can give us immunity to things like malaria or help us tolerate the increasing levels of chemicals and drugs that are in our environment. These adaptations are constantly allowing us to adapt to the changing environment so that our species can continue to survive.  This happens in all species at all times. Nature is trying to get it right. 

In her book, Dr. J. Dunn explores issues into why you are the way you are and how you can make changes. It’s a whole new paradigm in understanding what causes disease and mental health issues. The basis of the book talks about how to bypass your genetic makeup to help change destructive behaviors such as overeating, substance abuse, and anger.