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Understanding the COMT Gene

Are you struggling with health problems? Do you wonder if they are genetic? Understanding the COMT gene can give you cality. While it’s usually a combination of genes that make you more likely to have a health issue, there are certain genes that make you more susceptible to health problems.

Specific genes can have a drastic impact on your overall health. One of these is the COMT gene, which is one of the most important genes in genomics. If you’re a health conscious person, you should identify which COMT genetic variant you carry. COMT is a highly studied gene in genomics due to its ability to affect almost all of your bodily functions.

How COMT Works

COMT is vital as it assists in the breakdown of a variety of neurotransmitters such as: 

  • Dopamine- your happy hormones that are responsible for learning, memory, focus, and motivation. 
  • Norepinephrine- helps your body handle stress, including flight or fight response
  • Epinephrine – Extreme levels of epinephrine can result in a weak immune system and potential heart issues.
  • Estrogens- Important for brain health, cancer risks, and sexual reproduction.

A person’s COMT activity may be the cause of anxiety, depression, mood swings, and lack of mental clarity. It may even result in your risk of developing certain types of cancer. COMT can have extreme effects on a variety of aspects of your life. These may include:

The Worrier/Warrior Gene- Often connected to extremely stressful or high pressure situations. People often begin by feeling overwhelmed and/or worried, typically connected to finishing a particular task. How you reach is linked to your COMT activity, as determined by your genetics. 

A stress hormone known as norepinephrine is released and helps your brain prepare for stressful situations. Although this may work temporarily, extreme stimulation can result in anxiety. 

However, low COMT activity is the result of norepinephrine neurotransmitters being broken down. Due to this breakdown, it will take longer for you to adapt to stress. Higher COMT will help you recover faster from periods of stress. Norepinephrine is responsible for this fight or flight response. Your body also has the remember or forget and the distraction and focus COMT reactions.

It is important to know if your COMT is low, moderate, or high in order to know your particular health strengths and weaknesses. This information can help you balance your levels depending on your COMT levels, stress, and activity. 

New COMT Data

New COMT DNA reports are revolutionary and provide more information than ever before. If a COMT blood test was possible it would be highly recommended, however COMT brain levels can’t be detected through  blood test. 

Genetics must be examined to determine COMT levels. COMT helps break down many different neurotransmitters, and once you realize how this affects body functions, you will realize the importance of COMT genes.  This is why the new COMT DNA Report was launched. It is the most accurate COMT Report available. Other COMT reports that are available on other markets only analyze one variant of the SNP of your COMT gene. However, there are multiple varietns that need to be looked at simultaneously to get a better picture of what your COMT activity levels truly are. 

Our COMT DNA Report

Our COMT DNA Report accurately measures your COMT in two ways:

  1. It can analyze multiple SNPs of the COMT gene, examine other variants, and use a combination of data to produce more accurate results
  2. Also examines other genes that may influence the effects of the COMT gene as well as analyze those relationships while determining COMT activity levels. 

After identifying your COMT activity, you can get an individualized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations that completely optimize your COMT activity. 

The COMT DNA report is available on the reports page. We recommend that you download this report in order to figure out how COMT genes may be affecting your mood, cognitive functions, cancer risks, and much more! This can change your life!

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