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Questions About Genetics MyHappyGenes is dedicated to helping individuals achieve healthy outcomes through knowledge of DNA and Genetics. By understanding your DNA you can better understand your health outcomes. Here are a couple of articles we have written on that subject. Genetics Determine Your Best Diet Everyone knows people who can eat whatever they like, […]


Pharmacogenetics is the study of how people respond to drug therapy. Through research and multiple studies, it has been confirmed that individuals often respond differently to the same drug therapy. This is typically due to one’s genetic makeup, but overall health, diet, and environmental factors also play a significant role in how a person responds

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Health Influenced by Genetics

Health is greatly influenced by one’s genetics. Nearly every cell in the body carries an entire genome full of variations as the template for the development of its protein machinery. Therefore, it can be said that genetic variations impact all cellular, biochemical, physiological, and morphological aspects of a human being. For this reason, the majority

Your Genetics and Response to Weight-Loss Interventions

Your genetics are directly related to your response to weight-loss interventions. Now that genetic testing has moved into the mainstream, our understanding of the specific genes dictating how the human body processes nutrients and how our bodies react to activities is much more precise. It is now possible to develop individually-tailored nutrition and exercise programs that are based on and curated to your unique DNA. A recent study published by the European Society of Human Genetics found that dieters employing weight management programs tailored to the individual’s genome lost up to 33% more weight than those following standard, “one size fits all” weight loss programs.

Q&A About Genetics

How Genes Play a Role in Disease and Health

When slight changes occur in genes, it can cause susceptibility to many common diseases, including cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and mental illness. Genetic predisposition and the risk of disease can depend on multiple factors in addition to genetic changes.

The Lack of Vitamin D Due to Genetics

How’s Your Absorption of Vitamin D? Many people believe that their lack of Vitamin D is due to their diet or lack of sunlight. However, 80 % of how your body absorbs Vitamin D is due to genetics. So no matter if you have a diet rich in Vitamin D or if you are getting