Q & A with Dr. J – Why do I need a practitioner?

MyHappyGenes® isn’t your run-of-the-mill genetic testing service.

We take an innovative leap… 

by combining your unique genetic data with your biochemical profile. This means you’re not just learning about what genes you have; you’re discovering how they interact with everything from the nutrients you consume to the environment you live in.

The Mood and Personality report comes with your test. No practitioner needed. Same with the Diet and Lifestyle report which you can buy here. The information contained in these reports is easy to understand and doesn’t burden you, the consumer, with your disease risk profile. That can be scary and also be misinterpreted.

Remember, it’s never one gene equals one condition or disease. It’s the interplay of all of your gene variations plus your lifestyle habits.

That’s why the detailed information in the other three reports, MyHappyGenes®, Biochemical Pathways, and the Supplement report, require professional expertise to interpret correctly. Patients work alongside licensed practitioners who specialize in translating these deep dive reports into actionable insights tailored specifically for each individual.

Genetic reports can be double-edged swords. 

They hold valuable information about predispositions to diseases like Alzheimer’s or cancer but also carry weighty emotional implications. We recognize this and want to ensure patients aren’t left alone to process this kind of news.

And to remind you that a predisposition is just that, a risk, not a sentence set in stone.

We know that proper supplementation and changes in diet and lifestyle can lessen or eliminate a risk factor.

And we’re not merely about selling tests but ensuring proper guidance and support are provided throughout your journey towards better health and a happier you.

Our bodies are complex systems where every input has ripple effects across numerous biochemical pathways—alterations need careful consideration!

Practitioners trained by MyHappyGenes® understand this intricate dance between supplements, diet and lifestyle changes, and detoxification processes. They ensure recommendations do no harm while aiming for optimal efficacy—an absolute necessity when dealing with something as delicate as human biology.

Watch the video to learn all about why we require you to work with one of our amazing practitioners. If you are a practitioner reading this and are not yet using MyHappyGenes® in your practice, click this link to get started.

To your health,

Dr J

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