Q & A with Dr. J, on the Rebellious Wellness Over 50 podcast

In a recent episode of the Rebellious Wellness Over 50  podcast, Dr. J answered questions from listeners and the host. Over the course of one hour, they delved into the fascinating realm of genetics, exploring its profound impact on health and well-being. Dr. J shared her personal journey, detailing how gene testing changed her life and the lives of her patients.

Dr. J’s Personal Journey

For years, Dr. Dunn struggled with depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. She discovered she had a Vitamin D receptor gene variant, which was silently impacting her health. Once she understood this, she was able to follow the biochemical pathways of this variant to the systems it affected, including dopamine and serotonin. She then researched what supplements would act as cofactors to get the whole thing running properly. Et voila, her depression and CFS were resolved.

Gene Testing’s Impact on Health

Dr. Dunn’s experience underscores the potential of gene testing as a powerful tool in healthcare. Understanding one’s genetic profile can provide crucial insights into how to manage both physical and mental health. What’s missing from so many testing companies reporting on what your genes are showing you though, is the biochemistry piece. We are alive because of a symphony of chemicals, hormones, precursors, and neurotransmitters. Each is part of a system (biomedical pathways) energy production, inflammation, detoxification, methylation, etc. And each system speaks to the rest in perfect harmony. Unless one part of one system isn’t functioning at 100%. 

Addiction and Sugar Cravings

One of the most intriguing parts of our conversation revolved around addiction, particularly methamphetamine addiction, and its surprising connection to sugar cravings. Dr. Dunn explained how dopamine production in our bodies depends on certain enzymes and how providing the right nutritional cofactors can help curb cravings effectively. She also shed light on the link between lack of sleep and amplified sugar cravings and the role of self-compassion in overcoming addiction.

Genetics, Mitochondria, and Cancer Risk

We explored the connection between mitochondria, genetic variants, and cancer risk. Understanding our genetic makeup can be a powerful tool in spotting genetic variants that could, without the ideal diet and lifestyle for our genetic profile, put us at greater risk for cancer and other diseases. 

Genetic Compassion

One of the most poignant points of our conversation was about genetic compassion. Understanding our genetics can help us better comprehend our mental and physical health. This understanding can inform the design of drug protocols and effective wellness plans. Most importantly, it can help us cultivate compassion for ourselves and others as we navigate the complex world of health and genetics.

In summary, this podcast episode underscored the profound influence of genetics on health and well-being. Through Dr. Dunn’s personal journey and her professional insights, listeners were offered a fascinating exploration into the world of genetics. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a patient, or simply curious about genetics, this episode serves as a compelling reminder of the power and potential of genetic understanding.

Unlocking the power of genetics is not just about managing health, but also about cultivating compassion and understanding for ourselves and others. It’s a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment, and it’s one that we can all embark on. So, join us as we continue to explore the world of genetics and its profound impact on our lives.