How We Protect Your DNA Privacy

(and. ..We are very passionate about this!)

1. Our Lab Does Not Know Who You Are!

Your DNA sample is only identified by the bar code that was on the kit you sent back to our lab. The lab has none of your personal information. In addition, the lab will destroy your DNA sample after 90 days. Note that the data extracted from your sample will be available indefinitely on our site unless or until you choose to delete it.

2. How You Label Your MyHappyGenes Account and Reports is Up to You!

You have complete control over how you label your account (which is the name that displays on your reports and your raw DNA file). This is another way to protect your privacy when you choose to store or send any of this information to others.

3. We will NEVER sell your DNA Data or Personal Information!

We believe your DNA data belongs to you. Unlike other DNA companies, we will never sell your DNA data, your personalized reports or any of your personal information including your email to anyone.

4. You can delete your DNA data, your reports and/or your account at any time.

Once your personal DNA data file is loaded to your account and your reports are run, you can delete your data, your reports and/or your account at any time. Although we recommend you save your data and your reports to your computer somewhere safe if you choose to delete anything.