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About the Referral List

Watch the video for more about how to choose a practitioner. 

IMPORTANT: Practitioners listed on our referral site are not employees of MHG. We are not responsible for the actions and charges incurred with the practitioner you choose. Please contact them before making your decision. If you have an issue with their services we are not able to intervene.

Before making an appointment, we recommend that you call the practitioners office and ask them questions about how they work, what techniques they use, and how much they charge. 

What type of practitioner are you looking for?

MyHappyGenes® practitioners have a variety of skills and bring different modalities to their practices.

Whether you looking for a Wholistic Methylation Practitioner (details below) a MyHappyGenes Practitioner or both, you'll find them on the referral site. We also have practitioners who offer Telehealth appointments.

What is Wholistic Methylation?

Wholistic Methylation is a system created by Dr. J Dunn that uses muscle testing to determine imbalances in the Methylation pathways.  The system will identify specific genetic imbalances and help balance them with specific nutrients. This is a hands on technique and will be done by the practitioner in the office typically. Each practitioner may add their own unique style to the testing.

Hands on in-office technique with a qualified practitioner trained in using Wholistic Methylation. 

Individual consideration of current supplements, medications and lifestyles. 

Supplement suggestions will also take into account your DNA test results if they incorporate MHG into their consultation. 

What is MyHappyGenes?

MyHappyGenes® is a software program that analyzes your genetic data from your DNA sample and creates science based reports with that information.  Two reports are available to consumers and three advanced reports are available through a licensed health care provider. Using the information generated by the reports, we give you suggestions for best diet, lifestyle and supplements that target your unique requirements based on your genes. 

We make testing easy! Our DNA test uses a swab, no spitting required.  Children and adults can use it easily and safely. 

The latest science based information based on the DNA results from your sample. 

Our reports are easy to understand and we have a video on how to read your reports. Plus, reports generated are always updated and live. 

We want to help you get the most from your DNA results 

Getting the most means getting answers to your questions and solutions to your frustrating health challenges. We created the referral listing to aid you in finding a health care practitioner who can work with you the way you prefer. They are trained to show you how to work with your genetic information and will coach you on steps to take to avoid certain health risks and to become the healthiest, happiest, version of you!

Get all 5 Reports

When you decide to go to the next level with MyHappyGenes, you will be able to see 3 additional reports only available through practitioners. 

All your Questions Answered

Your practitioner will go over your results with you and help you understand what they mean and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle routine.

Targeted Supplements, no more guessing

You will know exactly what supplements are recommended based on your genes and the MyHappyGenes supplement program and get started with them right away.


What They say about our Practitioners

Desert Storm Vet: Memory, Personality, Energy

My husband, who is a Desert Storm Vet, has struggled with health issues for 20 years and is finally doing better thanks to your work! He is remembering names of people he meets, and he is pleasant to talk to in the mornings now--before I tried to avoid him in the mornings. And his energy is improving! I just had to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Dr. Cheryl L. Los Angeles, CA

An Invaluable Resource

Dr. J Dunn is truly an amazing practitioner. As an undisputed leader in her field, she has helped to impact the lives of thousands of individuals providing them with dramatic improvement physically, mentally and spiritually. She is an amazing individual and plays a vital role in the physical well being of my family and myself. The stresses and demands of my film career require me to be at top physical and mental condition. Dr. Dunn ensures that my level of health is not only optimum for today but for the future as well. I consider her an invaluable resource and a true friend.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Actor & International Celebrity

One of the Best In the Country

Dr. J Dunn works with Fortune 100 CEOs, Olympic athletes, their trainers, and the occasional Hollywood persona. That's not the point. The point is that she is one of the best—if not the best—health care practitioners in the country. She is brilliant in all areas of health and wellbeing and teaches practitioners around the country. I have been known to call her one of my secret competitive advantages.

Mark Weinstein Founder & Head Trainer, Peak Life Habits, Inc. CEO of MeWe

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about MyHappyGenes® Practitioners

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