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MyHappyGenes® Academy 2023

Genetic testing is likely not something you learned during your professional training.

But it can make all the difference in those hard to treat patients.

There are 2 levels of training

Level 1  Is for MHG Practitioners. It Gives you instructions on how to use the MHG system, build your confidence, and help set you up for success.

Level 2 Is A Deep Dive Into The Science Of Biochemistry, Genetics, And Methylation.

Completion of level one is required before taking level 2!

If you are applying to become a MyHappyGenes® practitioner you’ll start with Level 1. Click the "learn more" button in the Level 1 box below and you’ll get the big picture on using MHG DNA tests in your practice.

If you have taken level 1 and are ready for more science, then click the "Learn More" button in the Level 2 box to see the topics and the why behind our unique use of biochemistry in our genetic testing protocol.

Choose the Level That Fits You Best

This program is designed to meet your specific needs, with two different levels available based on the depth of practice you're interested in.


Level 1: Getting Started
with MHG


  • Invitation to join our practitioner referral list
  • Practitioner pricing on all DNA tests and reports
  •  eBook on Genetics

Level 2: Understanding the basics of Genetics and biochemistry

*Requires completion of level one 



  • Invitation to join our Practitioner Referral List 
  • 10 Patient Education Brochures 
  • One time 50% DISCOUNT offer on (1) MHG DNA Test and all 5 Reports for $272 (Discount code sent after purchase of Level 2 Training)
  • eBook on Genetics
  • Practitioner pricing on all DNA tests and reports
  • MHG Academy Level 1: Getting started with MyHappyGenes® 

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