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You Can Finally Understand The True Origins of Disease...
On a Genetic Level!

How We Are Different

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Why We're Different!

Our DNA testing specifically targets the genes that are related to health and disease risks, genes that other companies do not test for.

This allows you to get a more complete picture and look even deeper into the underlying causes of your patients’ symptoms AND the natural steps that can give you incredible insight into how to help them restore health!

Every day we get requests for practitioners!

Even with the hundreds of health care providers already on board, we need thousands more trailblazers like you to join us.

Millions of consumers have already had their genes tested and millions more are just a click away and will be looking for a MyHappyGenes® practitioner to guide them through their reports.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You will get Wholesale pricing on all our products including the DNA kit and reports and much more!

MHG Academy Level 1 Training is Free

We have designed an Online Academy to help you get started and understand how to use the program with your patients. Once you complete the academy (3.5 hours) you are eligible to open your account.

Real Time Updates To Reports

Our reports are continually updated so that when you log in, every time the reports will have the latest information on this cutting edge science. We are constantly fact checking and adding new information as it becomes available. 

Advanced Reports Only Available To Licensed Health Care Providers

Information on a broad range of health risks. We want to make sure our patients are cared for and monitored to make sure they understand the information, are on the right track and not taking anything that can interfere with their current medications if they are taking any.

Enhance your Bottom line

Our goal is to provide you with an income stream that is easy for you or your staff to implement in your office and will add to your bottom line.  You get wholesale pricing on all our products. 

A message from Dr. J Dunn, founder and CEO of MyHappyGenes®

While I had great success in helping thousands of clients heal from a variety of complex health issues, I still knew something was missing.  I began digging deeper with my search for answers to my own chronic health conditions that I had suffered with for years.  I was often depressed and tired despite the many things I did to try to help myself.  Nothing seemed to work until I discovered that I had inherited several genetic variants that kept me from making neurotransmitters correctly, from fighting off chronic infections and from making adrenal hormones.  All of this was the underlying reason why I had struggled for so long.  I figured out how to work with my genes and change their expression.

My life is now completely different, I feel happy, and energetic. I created MyHappyGenes so that I could help many more people regain their health and happiness. I hope you will join us in changing the world!

Here’s An In-Depth Look At What Each Report Will Tell You:

Mood and Personality ReporT
MHG® Mood and Personality Report. The mood and personality report will give you a relative risk of certain brain chemistry and mood imbalances. It also contains a gene table that can let you do an incredible amount of research into what makes you tick. The more you learn, the more you will want to know!

MHG® Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations. Based on the data our algorithm reveals, this powerful program can now determine the best possible biochemical approaches — dietary, nutritional and lifestyle – customized to your patient’s unique genetic makeup. With this report you can finally begin “fine tuning” the specific gene expressions needed to alleviate or even correct the physical and mental symptoms these variants produce in your patient’s life.


My Healthy Genes Report
MHG® My Healthy Genes Report. We have a completely new report just for licensed health care providers. It identifies the genetic variants associated with the biochemical pathways and possible disease risks. The report has over 500 variants and their associations with various disease risks. Each variant has links to referenced studies that show where that information was obtained. In addition, there are labwork recommendations for followup verification of presence of the SNiP and treatment outcomes.

Biochemical Pathway Analysis
MHG® Biochemical Pathway Analysis-This report allows you to fine tune your patient’s care to the most important pathways that are likely to be causing the most symptoms. As a health care provider you can learn a tremendous amount of information about biochemistry and genetics in this report and begin to put the information contained into a deeper understanding of the origins of disease. Each section will take you to a webinar for deeper understanding. Your patients might enjoy the information too!

Personalized Supplement Recommendations
MHG® Personalized Supplement Recommendations. Due to the powerful results that these recommendations can achieve, this report will only be available through a MyHappyGenes licensed health care professional. It’s important for you as a health care provider to know about current medications and possible contraindications before starting your patients on a supplement program and to make sure your patients stay on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

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