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Expand your knowledge to really understand and work with genetics in your practice

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Increase your Knowledge

Doing the MHG test is easy to use and implement but really understanding the results can set you above the crowd. 

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Get incredible results with your patients

The results have been astounding with so many conditions. Including autoimmune, chronic infections, mood disorders and more. 

Increase your revenue streams

Just push the "easy button" and increase your revenue without having to work harder!


"Understanding how biochemistry works is the key when working with genetics"  Dr. J Dunn

What You’ll Get in the MyHappyGenes®

Practitioner Training

Level 1 Training: Getting Started with MyHappyGenes 
1. Getting Started with MyHappyGenes
      Introduction to MHG
2. Becoming an MHG Practitioner
      Overview of navigating the MHG Platform
      How to sign up for a MyHappyGenes Practitioner account
      How to create your own client account
      How to connect your account to yourself and your patients
      Helping patients create an account and purchase DNA kits and reports
      Deciding to share reports or not
      Retaking the symptom Questionnaire: Why and when to do it
      Signing up for a Fullscript account and how to use it for patients
3. How to do the MyHappyGenes DNA test
      What makes MyHappyGenes Different?
      How to do the MyHappyGenes DNA test
      Sequence of events in the process of DNA testing and report purchasing
4.  Understanding the basics of Genetics and Biochemistry
       The Basics of Genetics and Biochemistry
5.  How to read MyHappyGenes genetic reports
       Going over the MHG Mood Report with your patients
       Going over the Diet and Lifestyle Report with your patients
       Going over the MyHealthyGenes Report with your patients
       Going over the Biochemical Pathway report with your patients
       How to use the Questionnaire and Supplement Report and repeating the                  questionnaire
6. Integrating MHG into your current practice
       Pushing the "easy button" when using MHG

Level 2 Training:  Understanding the Science Behind MHG, Biochemistry and Genetics
1.  Understanding Biochemistry in relation to the genetic reports
     Energy Production Pathway
     Nitric Oxide  Pathway
     Brain Chemistry  Pathway
     Detoxification Pathway
     Methylation Pathway
     Histamine and Allergy Pathway
2. Incorporating Bloodwork into the protocol
      Signing up for an account with Professional Co-Op Services
      How to interpret the MyHappyGenes® panel blood test results



Starter Package

$330 $295 

Premium Package

$684  $395

Deluxe Package

$2553  $995

Getting started with MHG Training (Value: $199)




MyHappyGenes DNA Kit and 5 Reports

(Value: $545)




Referral Listing on

MHG Site (Value: $30-$90)

3 Month (Value $30)

One year (Value: $90)

One year (Value: $90)

Patient Education 50 Brochures (Value: $100)



Advanced Training: Understanding Genetics and Biochemistry (Value $799)


Biochemistry and Genetic Interactive Computer Program (Value: $249)


One on One Consult with Dr. J Dunn (Value: $1000)