FAQ Frequently Asked Questions 


How long will It take to get my results?


It will take 3-5 weeks from the time the lab receives your sample until the results  are deposited into your account and your reports are available.


How Do I Access My Raw Data?

Once you get your DNA tested by MyHappyGenes, your results will be sent to your account and you will receive an email letting you know they are ready.  You can download your raw data from there if you'd like, but there is no need to do that.  Our software will automatically analyze the data and renew your reports from that data whenever you choose to look at your reports. 


Why Don't You Use 23andme And/Or AncestryDNA?


We used to use their DNA raw data for our reports but found the they were missing about half of the genes we needed to get an accurate reporting of your risks.  We test for over 675,000 SNP's they only test for about 40,000. . 


How Are My Genes Related To My Mood?


Certain genetic variants have shown that they are associated with how the body makes or breaks down neurotransmitters. These show a strong correlation with brain chemistry and/or mood in genome wide association studies. (GWAS). In other cases, we look at how well you absorb certain nutrients that are critical for making neurotransmitters. 


Do My Genes Change Over Time?


No, your genes remain the same, however the expression of your genes does change with diet, lifestyle, emotional events and supplementation.


Should I Get My Genes Tested Again?


No, your genes will not change. There is no need for further testing unless the testing service offers to test more genes. However, If you are working with a practitioner, you can retake the questionnaire and get a new supplement recommendation report. 


Do You Have Additional Questions?


If you did not find the answer to one of your questions, please contact us (using the contact form below) and we're more than happy to answer!


How do I find a practitioner to work with?


We have a referral list available of practitioners.  It is growing.  If you don't see someone in your area, let us know and we will reach out to our expanded list of health care providers and see if there is a fit for you.  Please remember to call the practitioner first and see if they are a good fit for your needs.  We are not affiliated with these practitioners and we cannot guarantee the results. 


What is your refund policy?


If you have opened and used the kit (swabbed your cheeks), no refunds will be given.To be eligible for a refund for an unused kit, you must notify MyHappyGenes® within thirty (30) days of placing your order through their website. You must confirm that you have not yet shipped your saliva sample to their laboratory. Additionally, the box containing the kit must be unopened and in good condition.For International return/refunds: The same information above applies. Additionally, we do not cover shipping in either direction currently for these orders.Please note that if you purchased your kit through a practitioner or at a conference or event, different refund policies may apply, you will need to check with the respective source for their refund policy, as we do not refund for orders that were not placed directly on our website.Refunds provided under this policy will be issued to the same credit card used for the purchase (minus a $25 restocking fee) and will be processed within 21 business days of confirmation by the MyHappyGenes® Customer Care team that the refund conditions have been met.


Can I Delete My Data From Your Server?


Yes, you can delete your personal data at any time.


How Do You Protect My Data?


To get information on how we  protect your data, click here Protect Your DNA Privacy

or for more information,  read our Privacy policy , it explains it in more detail.


Can I see a list of Genes that are tested by MHG?


Yes!  To see the genes we test download the sample reports by clicking on the tab at the top of the page that says "sample Reports"


Is there a charge for the extra reports?


Yes, the price for the diet and lifestyle report is $49 If you want to get the extra 4 report package it is $249 and only available through a licensed health care provider.  We can help you locate a practitioner if you are interested.  Click on the link at the top of the page to find someone in your area.  


Why do I have to work with a practitioner to get the extra reports?


We want to make sure you are supported in your health journey by a licensed health care provider as you implement diet, lifestyle and supplements.  They can have a profound effect on your physiology.  We also want to make sure there are no contraindications to other medications or supplements you are already taking. 


How accurate is your testing?


The lab that analyzes your sample use Illumina's infinium technology which is the leading microarray used for SNP genotyping. 

The specific microarray we use is the Global Screening Array version 3, which combines worldwide genomic data, clinical research variants and an array of QC markers to deliver an array that can give 99% call rates and reproducibility. This array has been widely adopted for research use and has been a standard for many research projects.  


If you have questions about anything we're here to help!

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