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Frequently Asked Questions About MyHappyGenes TM


How do I access my raw data?

The raw data we are interested in is behind the scenes in both ancestry and 23andme. You must log in to the website you got tested through and download the data to your website. 


Why are you using 23andme and/or AncestryDNA?

They are currently the best we have. We are close to offering our own DNA test that will give us more complete data so we can give a more complete report.


How are my genes related to my mood?

Certain genetic variants have shown that they are associated with how the body makes or breaks down neurotransmitters. These show a strong correlation with brain chemistry and/or mood in genome wide association studies. (GWAS). In other cases, we look at how well you absorb certain nutrients that are critical for making neurotransmitters. We combine these and your answers on the questionnaire to give you the most accurate advice we can to help you achieve a healthier attitude.


Do my genes change over time?

No, your genes remain the same, however the expression of your genes does change with diet, lifestyle, emotional events and supplementation.

Should I get my genes tested again?

No, your genes will not change. There is no need for further testing unless the testing service offers to test more genes.

Do you have additional questions?

If you did not find the answer to one of your questions, please contact us (using the contact form below) and we're more than happy to answer!


Where do I get my genes tested?

We are currently recommending 23andme or AncestryDNA. These two companies give us incomplete data at this point but they are the best we have. We are working on our own testing platform and are excited about the privacy it offers and the convenience!


Does your program look at all my genes?

No, we are only looking at those that have some effect on brain chemistry or the underlying biochemical pathways that may affect brain chemistry in some way. These genes are part of what is known as the exome. The exome is a smallportion of the 20,000+ genes in the human body. We narrow this down to those affecting the body and the ability of the body to make neurotransmitters correctly, to absorb nutrients involved in making neurotransmitters and those that help the body make receptors correctly.

Is there anything that can be done about my inherited genes?

Yes, your genes are merely a blueprint. Many factors can help prevent the expression of the genes that are associated with disease risks. Your diet, lifestyle, and supplements can affect your genes. This is called epigenetics.

Can I delete my data from your server?

Yes, you can delete your personal data at any time.


How do you protect my data?

Please read our Privacy policy , it explains it in more detail.

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