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Dr. J Dunn is truly an amazing practitioner. As an undisputed leader in her field, she has helped to impact the lives of thousands of individuals providing them with dramatic improvement physically, mentally and spiritually. She is an amazing individual and plays a vital role in the physical well being of my family and myself. The stresses and demands of my film career require me to be at top physical and mental condition. Dr. Dunn ensures that my level of health is not only optimum for today but for the future as well. I consider her an invaluable resource and a true friend.


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The major decline in health begins at 27! Take control of your health now.

Use this complimentary Special Report to get specific details about your genes, including the actual genes and their variants that are the underlying cause of some of the most common health, mental and emotional symptoms. MyHappyGenes® is your health map for Taking Control of Your DNA

Genetic researchers have confirmed dozens of your genes are directly related to your mental health and wellness

If you suffers from mood, focus, learning or other issues, it's important for you to get the information you need, backed by science, to understand how MyHappyGenes® may help.

  • Discover exactly how your genes control how your brain works, affecting every aspect of your mind and emotions.
  • Understand how what you eat and drink, the nutrients, medicine and even your lifestyle affect how well your genes do their job.
  • Get a deeper understanding of how, often by small adjustments in your diet, nutrition and lifestyle, many of these symptoms may be relieved or eliminated.
  • Get extensive references to the underlying research from teams around the world demonstrating that even simple changes can make a profound difference in your life.
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When and how can I get my personal MyHappyGenes® DNA test and Analysis?

The Brain Chemistry Genetic Analysis is available now! However, MyHappyGenes® DNA test and additional analyses are not quite ready for release yet. AND here is an update on how far we have come and where we are now.

The original algorithm upon which the MyHappyGenes® program is based was developed through our work teaching and training Healthcare Professionals for the last 6 years in how to use genetic testing to guide their treatment plans. 

Our extensive real world testing is why we know just how well our program works!

This real-world experience allowed us to gather the essential knowledge that is the core of our program’s complex, proprietary algorithms. This, along with other cutting edge scientific data, has allowed us to create  our MyHappyGenes® 3-D Dynamic Algorithm (MHG-3D®)

What we have discovered, however, is that the 3rd party genetic testing that is generally available in the marketplace today leaves out many of the genes critical to us being able to provide the best information and recommendations scientifically available today.

And they don’t care about your privacy. We do!

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