Stop Treating Symptoms And Get To The True Root Causes Of Your Patients Health Issues! Its In The Genes!!

It's time to start thinking differently!

Become a leading-edge healthcare practitioner now with our MyHappyGenes® Turn-key System

What you can't get from intake forms and observation, you will get from MyHappyGenes®

To become an MHG practitioner, you are required to complete some basic training. The MyHappyGenes® Academy will provide the training you will need to get started and use the MHG program, for free!

The MyHappyGenes® Reports will reveal hidden causes of disease and imbalance, and provide actionable insights. You'll know exactly how your patient's genes express themselves and are affecting their risk for mental and physical problems. This is where the similarity to other Direct to Consumer genetic testing companies ends.

How we’re different

  • We think differently! Understanding the interplay of genes and their effect on biochemistry is the key!
  • The My Happy Genes DNA Test analyzes more genes than all of the competition. Our private lab will sort through over 675,000 SNP’s. 
  • Our powerful technology reports on over 585 genes… and we add new relevant gene discoveries as soon as they are published.
  • We add in the current symptoms your patient is experiencing so we know which genes are expressing and which ones are not. 
  • Our patented algorithm calculates the interaction of genes so that we get a true picture of the overall health. Its never "one gene-one symptom".
  • We use a simple, easy to use DNA collection. We use swabs rather than the saliva collection method many others use, which can be difficult for older adults or children.
  • And we NEVER share your patient's data! We are very passionate about protecting your personal information. 

What We Have Discovered Through Rigorous Research and Testing Is That Using DNA testing in your practice gives you:


By understanding that genes have a direct effect on your patient's emotional and physical health, you can help them have compassion for their current health concerns. And give them hope that they can change the expression of their genes and change their lives.


Simple adjustments to diet, lifestyle and nutrition, when guided by their unique genetic makeup, can ensure that you provide for your patients cells to function optimally. Our bodies know what to do when given the right raw materials to function optimally.


Providing a comprehensive, multi-dimensional analysis of your genetics and current state of health, empowers your patients to take control of their physical, emotional health and happiness.

Practitioner Sign up Is Easy and Free

Registration is open to all licensed health care providers.  

  • Fill out the form with your information, license and ID
  • Once our team receives your information and verifies it, you can sign up for the MyHappyGenes Academy.  When you complete the training, we will activate your practitioner account
  • You will be able access your practitioner account immediately when you log in.
  • Practitioners get wholesale pricing on our DNA testing and reports.
  • Some basic knowledge is needed to begin using the platform.  But education and resources will always be availble. We are here to support you!
  • You can connect your patients account with yours to order tests, reports and to go over the results with them.  

They Say

What Our Practitioners are Saying

New Breakthroughs in My Patient's Wellbeing

The first thing patients report to me after taking their genetic-based supplement program for the first time is that they feel a “sense of peace”. No more anxiety, depression, PTSD, Panic attacks, fears or a feeling of struggle – their mind and heart are at peace, though their circumstances have not changed. 

The next is that their physical symptoms are gone or much, much better. They also report not having such sensitivity and symptoms from food allergies after one month on the program! Rashes clear, digestive issues abate, even tremors stop or greatly reduce, people are in awe of these programs! “ 


 Download samples of all 5 of our reports. Each one is unique. Together they will give you a complete picture of your patient’s genetic blueprint.

Still not convinced? Find out how you can enhance your practice
by becoming a MyHappyGenes® Practitioner!