Let your genes be your guide when choosing supplements

According to Zippia, a site known for its data on popular industries in the US, “77% of Americans take at least one supplement. As a whole, 63.8% of women use supplements, while 50.8% of men do. “  

Topping the list in 2023 are, in order, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Fish Oil, CoQ10, Multis, Probiotics, and Turmeric.

Are all of those supplement takers getting what their genes indicate they need? Not likely unless they are a MyHappyGenes® customer. You see, just as there is no one gene for one condition or disease there is no one supplement that everyone should take.

Genetic variants determine what nutrients–whether in food or a supplement–will create health or problems. Our proprietary software does the work of figuring out the interplay of genes and supplements.

You’ve probably heard that we “should all be taking turmeric supplements for inflammation.” Guess what, NO, we all should not. Not without knowing if you have an MAO variant in which case, steer clear of it.

In this short video Dr. J explains how the dance between genes and supplements works and why it’s so important to start at the gene level before spending your money on the popular vitamin of the day.

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