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We are finally putting the finishing touches on a 3-tiered training program designed for you, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, so that we support every level of provider in using MyHappyGenes®.

Whether you are

  • New to us and want to get up to speed and start using the tests with patients
  • Signed up as a practitioner and weren't sure where to go to learn what you need to start offering MyHappyGenes® tests in your practice 
  • Using the tests and reports but want to add to your knowledge of genetics, biochemical pathways, supplements, and incorporating our system into our practice

Dr. J teaches has been working on these trainings for months and has based the content on her recent and ongoing research into the science of genetics, biochemistry, and the most common conditions practitioners encounter in their work with patients.

Be one of the first to know!

If you are interested in hearing about these trainings as soon as we launch just give us your name and email address. You'll not only get early bird pricing, we've got some other special gifts just for the people who raise their hands now.

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My Happy Genes

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