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Genetics of Attention issues (ADD/ADHD)

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ADHD is primarily a hereditary disorder. Despite there being a strong genetic link, having ADHD doesn’t automatically mean you’ll suffer from symptoms or pass it onto your children. This is because it is a combination of genes and environmental factors that determine whether you or your child will develop ADD or ADHD. Many times the genes are inactive due to diet or upbringing.

In her book, Dr. J. Dunn explores how your genetic makeup, your diet, and environmental factors influence your genes making you the way you are. She also explains how you can make healthy natural changes. It’s a whole new paradigm in understanding what causes disease and mental health issues. The basis of the book talks about how to bypass your genetic makeup to help change behaviors such as ADD/ADHD, overeating, substance abuse, and anger.

According to an article in Medical News Today, “There is an increased risk of ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, in those who have a parent or sibling with the condition, but doctors know that other factors also play a role. In the article, learn about the role of genetics in ADHD, as well as other causes and risk factors.”

Dr. J. Dunn explains how her research was motivated because of her personal struggles to feel healthy. She had a case of mono when she was sixteen years old and suffered from lifelong depression. Since then she has battled chronic fatigue syndrome caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). Looking into the history of the virus she found that 90 percent or more people have antibodies to the virus and yet don’t necessarily have an issue with it for the rest of their lives. She was also looking for true answers to her own depression. These were missing pieces in the puzzle of health, and she began her quest to search for why and how to fix them. She approached her research with a compassionate point of view, knowing that some types of behavior and health problems are caused by inherited biochemical imbalances and are not personal failings. Things such as:

Focusing Issues such as ADD and ADHD
Chronic Fatigue
Genetic testing can identify potential health problems and give you another tool to make informed decisions about managing your health care. Dr. J. Dunn explores how to obtain correct results and what to do with the results. She also talks about compassion for yourself and others when it comes to problems beyond our control. Her book – Genetic Compassion – will help you to understand how genes play a very important role in how we feel.