Genetics for Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Happy Genes?

Could the key to mental and emotional wellbeing be in your genes? Simeone Scaramozzino, Yogi, and Innovator, who creates meaningful businesses for the conscious & sustainable evolutionary journey of all planetary ecosystems, communities, tribes, recently did an interview with Dr. J. Dunn. Dr. J Dunn, is the Founder, CEO, and Lead Scientist of MyHappyGenes. In this conversation, she describes how your genes can have a direct effect, not just on your physical health, but on your mental and emotional health as well.

Your genes influence the way you think, act, and feel, and even how you might be responding to a pandemic. During these times of uncertainty, we may be experiencing new forms of stress, anxiety, and fear, and it becomes ever more necessary to understand how our individual bodies respond to stressors, how it can impact our immune systems, and how to personalize solutions based on our individual needs.

Your genes are triggered by biochemicals — the basic elements that your body breaks down from what you eat and drink, other supplemental nutrients, and your environment. Change these, and you can change the way your genes perform.

When guided by knowledge of your unique genetic makeup, simple adjustments to diet, lifestyle, and nutrition can bring your emotional, mental, and physical states into balance

Dr. J Dunn & Simeone Scaramozzino | Genetics for Mental & Emotional Wellbeing