DNA Questions and Articles

Questions About Genetics

MyHappyGenes is dedicated to helping individuals achieve healthy outcomes through knowledge and Genetics. By understanding your DNA you can better understand your health outcomes. Here are a couple of articles we have written on that subject.

Obesity and Your Genes

Genes give the body responding instructions. Studies of resemblances and differences among family members offer indirect scientific evidence that genetic factors play a role. Studies compared obese and non-obese people for variation in genes that might influence behaviors. Behaviors such as not being able to control eating, or the tendency to be sedentary.  They also looked at metabolism genes that could diminish the capacity to burn fat or cause the body to store fat.

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Anxious People – Anxiety and Your Genes

Have you ever met someone who just couldn’t relax?  These people are always worried about something. If they can’t find anything to worry about, they worry about that.  It can be very frustrating to be around someone like this. It seems they really can’t just relax and enjoy life. We may counsel them to learn to meditate and learn relaxing behaviors but it doesn’t seem to do much good.

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