DNA, Genetics And Vitamin D

Questions About Genetics

MyHappyGenes is dedicated to helping individuals achieve healthy outcomes through knowledge of DNA and Genetics. By understanding your DNA you can better understand your health outcomes. Here are a couple of articles we have written on that subject.

Genetics and Vitamin D

DNA is made up of Genes, which contain all the information that indicates how our bodies function. Gene variations arise from random mutations and mixtures of our parents’ genes. These variations can be normal, benign, or harmful. Genes control the way we digest, absorb, and utilize nutrients. Variations in our genes can change the way our bodies process vitamins and minerals.

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The Lack of Vitamin D Due to Genetics

Many people believe that their lack of Vitamin D is due to their diet or lack of sunlight. However, 80 % of how your body absorbs Vitamin D is due to genetics. So no matter if you have a diet rich in Vitamin D or if you are getting plenty of sunlight, you may still be prone to a deficiency.
Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to multiple skeletal health problems. Also, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer are linked with insufficient vitamin D levels. Therefore, it is important to understand how your genetics is playing a role in processing Vitamin D.

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