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MyHappyGenes® Reports

You are probably asking, How do I get started? Your MHG® reports are customized for you based on your Genetic data.  

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DNA Analysis
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The completely new MHG® Mood and Personality Report  Identifying variants -ALL known to affect your mental and emotional health. It will give you an incredible amount of information about you and your risks of brain chemistry imbalances, along with a gene report that can let you do an incredible amount of research into what makes you tick. The more you learn, the more you will want to know!


MHG® Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations. Based on the data our algorithm reveals, this powerful program can now determine the best possible biochemical approaches -- dietary, nutritional and lifestyle – customized to your unique genetic makeup.  With this report you can finally begin "fine tuning" your diet according to your genetics. This can alleviate or even correct the physical and mental symptoms these genes produce in your life. Just changing your diet changes the expression of your genes!


MyHappyGenes® DNA testing

State of the Art DNA analysis and Ultimate Privacy          

my happy genes DNA kit

Our MyHappyGenes® DNA Testing will allow us to analyze even more of your genes. Our DNA lab sorts through over 375,000 SNP's, so we have the ability to expand our reports in the future.

Our powerful MHG-3D® technology can ALREADY assess over 500 genes specifically… and we are constantly adding new relevant genes as soon as they are researched and published.

PRIVACY is incredibly important to us and our lab.  Our lab will be deleting your sample 30 days after arrival and MyHappyGenes® site will always allow you to delete any information at any time. 

Many DNA testing companies require large amounts of saliva to be collected. Using a swab instead of spit is easier to use for many patients. 

  • Our DNA kit Tests for over 375,000 SNP's
  • Our reports analyze over 500 Snp's and counting
  • YOuR privacy is primary!



Purchase a DNA kit

Purchase a MyHappyGenes Kit.  It will be mailed to you in 5-7 days.  Follow the instructions on the box carefully to complete the process. Register the kit in your account on 


Wait for your results

   Once your DNA data is returned to you in 4-6 weeks, your results will be in your account and your complimentary mood report will automatically be there. 


Log in to your account 

Log in to your account and you will be able to see your report immediately. If you'd like to purchase a Diet and Lifestyle Report you can do that at that time and the report will be immediately available in your account.

Take Control Of Your DNA: How You Can Break Free From Depression, Anxiety & Addiction

My Happy Genes Special Report Report

Will the MyHappyGenes® Program work for you, too?

Very likely, if your DNA includes any of the over 500 genetic variants which we have already identified and tested. 

But you probably have lots of questions that you need answered first, so your best next step is to download our in-depth special report "Take Control Of Your DNA:  Break Free From Depression, Anxiety & Addiction."

This special report details exactly how and why this process works so well, and includes many scientific references and other documentation.  

But don't worry! It's been written in everyday language so it's an easy read! 

Get The Facts You Need.


What if I already have 23andMe or Ancestry DNA data?

These companies only test for a small number of genetic variants. (Around 40,000 SNP's) This is why we decided to use our own lab and test for over 675,000 SNP's.  This gives us a more comprehensive view of your genetic profile. 


When can I expect to get my DNA results?

Your results should be ready within 2-4 weeks after you submit your sample.  You will receive an email with your data file.  Once you have that data file, you can then decide which reports you'd like to run.


How young can a patient be to get their DNA tested?


Any person of any age can be tested.  The swab makes it easy and gentle for even babies. 


Are there coaches that can help me understand my results?


Yes, we have practitioners all around the country that have been trained in understanding genetics and biochemistry, that are willing to coach you and guide you through your healing journey.  Just contact us and we will help you locate one in your area. 


How often do I need to have my DNA retested?

Since our genes never change it is not necessary to repeat the test.  With over 675,000 SNP's we will be continually pulling from that data to keep your reports up to date.  


Is this program safe to use for people on medications?

This is up to your licensed health care provider to determine. Speaking with your primary care physician about drug interactions with dietary changes and supplement recommendations is advised. 


Where can I learn more about genetics and biochemistry?

Learn more about genetics and biochemistry at