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Community for holistic healthcare practitioners and practices

Pioneering Online Healthcare Community Launches
with a Genetic Bang
Healthcare Innovators Sponsor and Showcase the
Debut of the Practice Experts Collaborative

October 1, 2020

St. Louis, Missouri – The Practice Experts Collaborative today announced its launch as
an innovative online knowledge-sharing and collaboration community for holistic
healthcare practitioners and practices. The ground-breaking community was created to
elevate the careers of healthcare practitioners, improve the performance of healthcare
practices and, most importantly, enhance the health and wellbeing of patients battling a
range of complex diseases and chronic illnesses.

“We created the Collaborative to be a multi-faceted support system for a healthcare
environment that has grown increasingly complex,” explains Richard Hoffmann,
founding executive director of the Practice Experts Collaborative. “The idea for our
community grew from a loud and consistent cry for help we’ve been hearing for years
from practitioners who are increasingly overwhelmed by their profession.”
Major fractures in the pharmaceutical-centric healthcare system, an accelerating
plethora of health and wellness companies that propose to offer better solutions, and
patients who arrive armed with a vast array of health information from the internet have
created a daunting and exhausting challenge to arrive at the best diagnostic and
treatment protocols for patient care. The Practice Experts Collaborative addresses
those problems by surrounding practitioners with seasoned experts who can help them
navigate to better solutions for their patients, as well as more effective business models
for their practices.

Healthcare Innovators Lead the Way

“We’ve been blessed to attract some of the brightest and most forward-thinking
authorities from across the disciplines of Functional, Integrative, Lifestyle and
Personalized Medicine to serve as advisors, coaches, consultants and mentors to the
practitioner members of our community,” continued Hoffmann. “One shining example is

Dr. J Dunn, who stepped in early to be one of our mentors, offer the services of her
epigenetics companies, and sponsor the launch of our community. We view Dr. Dunn
and her work in genetics-based healthcare as lead points of the arrow in the successful
diagnosis and treatment of the most complex health conditions. We could think of no
better way to launch the Collaborative than by highlighting her pioneering work as a
showcase for the power of our community.”

Dr. Dunn is the founder and CEO of My Happy Genes, Inc., a cutting edge supplier of
genetic testing and reporting, as well as Wholistic Methylation, an educational company
that trains practitioners globally on the application of epigenetics and methylation. The
release of her newest course for practitioners, “Wholistic Methylation Level 1: Getting
Started with the Wholistic Methylation System” coincided perfectly with the launch of the

“We’re delighted to offer our expertise within the Practice Experts Collaborative
community,” said Dr. Dunn. “We’ve found it to be an ideal interactive platform that
enables us to communicate with colleagues, work with practitioners and explore the
leading edges of our discipline with like-minded collaborators. There is nothing else like
it in the field of healthcare.”

Another early corporate sponsor of the Collaborative is MindBody Talent LLC, a talent
recruitment, placement and practice optimization services company that serves the
Holistic Healthcare community. “Our work with practices and practitioners across the
spectrum of Functional, Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine highlighted the need for
experts to help navigate that growing, complex and fast-evolving landscape,” said Robin
Stewart, co-founder and CEO of MindBody Talent. “We were gratified to offer our
support to the creation and launch of the Practice Experts Collaborative. Our team
anticipates a long and productive partnership in raising the tide of healthcare for
practitioners and patients alike.”

Robin Stewart serves as a designated “Practice Expert” within the Collaborative,
providing guidance to practices seeking to recruit top talent, as well as to practitioners
seeking placement into the best practices. MindBody Talent also has a corporate
presence in the Collaborative, offering recruitment, placement and practice optimization

“Dr. Dunn, Robin Stewart and their respective companies provide great examples of the
support system we’re providing to healthcare practices and practitioners,” Richard
Hoffmann summarized. “We have been awed and inspired by the range and depth of
expertise that we’ve attracted in a very short time. From those early foundations, we
anticipate that the Practice Experts Collaborative will rapidly grow to be a major force in
the transformation of healthcare.”

Serving a Spectrum of Healthcare Professionals

The programming and expertise coverage of the Collaborative has been initially
designed to serve three practitioner communities:
● Allopathic/conventional medicine physicians (MD), Nurse Practitioners (NP), and
Physician Assistants (PA) who are on the path of transitioning to Holistic
● Mid-career Holistic Healthcare practitioners who are seeking to take their
careers, practices and patient care to higher levels.
● Early-career Holistic Healthcare practitioners (including students) seeking career
and practical guidance from more seasoned professionals in their disciplines.
Practitioners of Holistic Healthcare include doctors of chiropractic (DC), doctors of
osteopathy (DO), naturopathic doctors (ND), kinesiologists, nutritionists, acupuncturists,
health coaches and a range of ancillary modalities. A foundational principle of these
practitioners is that they invest enough time with their patients to discover root causes of
disease and chronic illness and then leverage their knowledge of biochemistry, brain
chemistry, genetics, metabolism and whole body systems to address those maladies at
the source.

“The allopathic/conventional medicine approach of diagnosing symptoms and
prescribing pharmaceutical drugs and surgeries to address those symptoms has failed
us in so many ways,” explained Richard Hoffmann. “Rising tides of patients and their
caregivers, as well as practitioners of every discipline, are realizing the extent to which
we’ve been brainwashed by aggressive pharmaceutical marketing and sales over the
last 70 years. It’s not too difficult to recognize the epidemics of chronic illness, disease
proliferation and addiction that have resulted from that era of disease management.”
“On the contrary, Holistic Healthcare professionals are recovering wisdom about
prevention and cures for illness and disease that worked for thousands of years, much
of which was pushed aside or discarded in the rush of science to find a pill for every ill,”
continued Hoffmann. “Holistic practitioners, such as Dr. Dunn and other innovators are
not only recapturing ancient wisdom about human health, they’re underpinning that
wisdom with the latest scientific research and discoveries about how best to optimize
the human body, mind and spirit.”

Guided Programming within Communities of Practice

Initially, the Practice Experts Collaborative is organized along four major topic areas,
structured as “communities of practice”:

● Your Journey into Holistic Healthcare – a guidance system that meets
practitioners where they are in their careers and provides roadmaps for
professional development
● Diseases and Chronic Illnesses Focus Areas – discussion and collaboration
areas for working with experts and colleagues on a wide range of diseases and
● Therapy Modalities and Care Protocols – knowledge-sharing and collaborative
work on the application of holistic healthcare modalities and protocols
● Practice Optimization – methods and best practices to enable healthcare
practices to run efficiently, effectively, profitably and with the highest patient

Within the Collaborative, experts and mentors can easily create their own communities
of practice to work with colleagues in literally any field or discipline of healthcare.

Value-Based Community of Expertise

The Practice Experts Collaborative is based on the principle that the time, effort and
knowledge of experts is valuable and deserves requisite compensation. Experts,
coaches and mentors within the community can either choose to offer their expertise
pro bono or take advantage of a variety of ways to be compensated for courses,
workshops, events or private consultations. The Collaborative itself has a nominal
subscription membership fee of $14.99 per month, with discounts available for annual
and group memberships.

“We’re enabling an unprecedented ability to rub virtual elbows, learn from and
collaborate with some of the top healthcare experts in the world”, concluded Richard
Hoffmann. “That’s a priceless value when you think in terms of elevating your career,
creating more productive and profitable healthcare practices, or improving the health
and wellbeing of patients. We’re seeking to change the face of healthcare with a
community of kindred spirits who are passionate about improving lives and enjoying
their chosen professions at the same time. That vision lights our fire every day to make
the Practice Experts Collaborative a vital resource in the healthcare community.”

About The Practice Experts Collaborative

The Practice Experts Collaborative is a community of practice where subject matter
experts in the disciplines of Functional, Integrative, Lifestyle and Personalized Medicine
gather to educate, coach, consult and mentor healthcare practitioners, practice
administrators and healthcare business professionals to elevate their careers, optimize
the performance of holistic healthcare practices and deliver enhanced results and
transformation with their patients.

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