Stress and Immune Coronavirus

Stressed DNA?

Many people are worried about their own health or the health of a loved one. This can impact sleep patterns, cause difficulty concentrating, and can worsen existing health problems. Additionally, the anxiety and fear associated with the virus can cause people to rely on unhealthy coping mechanisms such as using tobacco, alcohol or other drugs.

Questions And Answers to Genetics and DNA

DNA Is My Attitude

Recent progress in understanding genetic information has led to many companies springing up across the internet marketplace.  These companies are quick to offer information on our personalities, disease risks, nutrient needs, and dietary information.

Questions And Answers to Genetics and DNA

DNA And My Attitude

Are you moody? Do you know someone who is moody? Can you change your mood? Scientists may have found the answer. It may be our DNA, in the form of a gene, ADRA2b, that causes some people to pay more attention to negative emotional events.