Analyze My Genes!

Mood And Personality Report Is Now Included With your MHG DNA Test

After receiving your MHG® DNA Test data, you will also immediately receive your MHG® Mood And Personality Report.  You can then purchase Diet And Lifestyle Recommendations based on your Genetics!

(NOTE: If you are working with a practitioner, wait to purchase the MHG Diet and Lifestyle Report, it will be included in your advanced package, available only through a licensed health care provider)


Introducing MyHappyGenes® DNA testing.          


We are rapidly expanding MyHappyGenes® and now have contracted with a private lab that will allow us to analyze even more of your genes and we now include the Mood and Personality Report when you purchase the DNA kit. 

Existing consumer DNA test providers focus mainly on genes affecting your genealogy, we are looking for much more.  

Our MHG DNA test will give you almost twice the information as the other consumer DNA tests AND we can add new gene discoveries as soon as they are published.

Your MHG Mood and Personality Report will give you amazing insights and clarity about exactly how your genes express themselves and are affecting the neurotransmitter chemicals in your brain responsible for:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety & Panic 
  • PTSD
  • Brain function imbalances
  • Mood Swings
  • Attention issues
  • Irritability & Aggression
  • Impulsive Behavior
  • Addictions

Your MHG® 
Mood and Personality Report 

Analyze My Genes - Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations

Your MHG® 
Diet And Lifestyle Recommendations

Analyze-My-Genes- Personalized-Supplement-Recommendations

Your MHG® 
Personalized Supplement Recommendations



Your own completely new MHG® Mood and Personality Report  Identifying variants -ALL known to affect your mental and emotional health. It will give you an incredible amount of information about you and your risks of brain chemistry imbalances. 



Your MHG® Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations. Based on the data our MHG-3D® reveals, this powerful program can now determine the best possible biochemical approaches -- dietary, nutritional and lifestyle – customized to your unique genetic makeup.  With your own MHG® Personal Genetic Wellness Plan, you can finally begin "fine tuning" the specific gene expressions needed to alleviate or even correct the physical and mental symptoms these variants produce in your life.



Your MHG® Personalized Supplement Recommendations. Due to the powerful results that these recommendations can achieve, this report will only be available through a MyHappyGenes® licensed health care professional.  It’s important for your practitioner to know about current medications and possible contraindications before starting a supplement program. Your practitioner will help guide you through the process of using supplements to help balance your brain chemistry and make sure you stay on track.